Plant Hire and Groundworks Contractors

J K Ashbrook Ltd's origins lie in farming and agricultural contracting and we have strong ties to the local farming community. As such we are highly experienced in the agricultural, groundworks and civil engineering needs of farmers and can provide a wide range of services and structures ranging from new milking parlours to slurry lagoons and from farm tracks to land drainage.

With new legislation requiring farmers to have increasing storage capacity for slurry and dirty water our lagoons offer the ideal and cheapest solution.

With farm equipment and herds continuing to increase in size a good transport system across the farm is critical as such J K Ashbrook Ltd offer a range of solutions for farm drives and tracks from concrete sleeper tracks to concrete or tarmac drives.

J K Ashbrook Ltd also own a laser guided trenching machine which allows for rapid land drainage quickly and efficiently preparing ground for the wet weather with minimum disturbance and mess to existing fields. Good land drainage can improve crop yields and allows you longer access to the land while reducing the problems associated with machines getting bogged down in wet patched and rutting of your fields.

Economic pressures are also pushing farmers to have larger herds and this can often result in the number of cows being put through your milking parlour being far in excess of its original design. A modern high capacity milking parlour can offer great time and money savings and allow you to milk more cows with less effort and have more time in your day.


Other Services:

  • Slurry channels
  • Underground tanks
  • Concrete shed bases, yards and driveways
  • Silage clamps (either concrete or earthbanks)
  • Lagoons