Plant Hire and Groundworks Contractors

Bulldozers or Dozers are ideal earth moving tools and can quickly and efficiently strip sites and level hardcore to allow other plant to begin their operations. Bulldozers are also ideal for the last phase of works on site laying finished surfaces such as top soil or sub-base.

Six way PAT blades allow bulldozers to be very versatile and a bulldozer quickly become indispensible on many sites.

Bulldozers while being powerful machines can also be highly accurate, able to use AccuGrade laser and GPS technology to achieve exact levels. Our operatives have experience in using both lasers and GPS equipment having recently spent 9 months using GPS equipment on the Wrexham Industrial Estate Access Road project including a total station system for fine grading of sand and sub-base.

J K Ashbrook Ltd stock a wide range of CAT bulldozers including D5N, D6K, D6N and D6R machines all these machines come with a low ground pressure option which allows the bulldozer to work on soft ground.

We use CAT bulldozers as they provide an ideal combination of power, rugged components, reliability and superior balance making them ideal for even the toughest working conditions.

All our bulldozers can tow our range of towed rollers allowing then to remove an additional man and machine from the operation so reducing costs. For more details see our “Roller and Compaction” page.

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