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Dump trucks are the step up from forward tip dumpers in terms of capacity and are ideal for large earthworks or for moving materials in bulk across sites. They can easily cope with rough terrain while moving large loads.

Dump trucks offer the ability to move a wide range of loads with improved forward visibility compared to forward tipping dumpers allowing them to move larger loads faster across site or down haul roads.

The floatation tyres of the JCB 714 LGP and Hydrema 912 LGP machines exert low ground pressure enabling them to work in wet conditions or on soft surfaces and being four wheel drive they still have the grip to traverse rough terrain. Their articulated bodies and relatively short wheel base allows these machines to manoeuvre into tight spaces and climb steep slopes to provide a tight tipping pattern.

The large 25T and 30T dump trucks are six wheel drive and have increased power in order to provide the traction and power to move heavy loads across poor ground conditions. The Bell dump trucks are the lightest of the trucks while still carrying the same payload as CAT and Volvo dump trucks meaning they can haul more material down weight restricted routes. Volvo dump trucks have been the premier model in the market for a long time and J K Ashbrook Ltd find that their Volvo A25 dump trucks offer the best fuel efficiency per cube moved.

As we supply modern machines our dump trucks have the benefit of weight cells and load counting which enables more accurate site records to be kept. The benefit of the 25T dump trucks over the 30T dump trucks is that they are narrower meaning they can fit around tighter sites and tighter haul roads.

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