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The workhorse of the excavator world the 13 tonne class is the ideal combination of power, weight and reach for the majority of sites and jobs. The vast range of buckets and attachments available for these machines means they can make light work of most problems.

The steel tracks of these machines, especially the excavators with long carriage tracks allows their weight to be spread over a broad surface area minimising ground pressure and allowing them to safely cross soft surfaces like top soil, sand, mud or clay while at the same time minimising the marks they leave behind.

J K Ashbrook Ltd stock a wide range of 13-16 tonne machines consisting of a backbone of CAT 312 excavators complemented by CAT 314 and New Holland Kobelco 135 zero tail swing machines for when space is tight on site.

J K Ashbrook Ltd monitor their fleet of excavators using remote monitoring such as CAT's Visionlink software which allows any problems to be pre-empted and works done at a convenient time or outside site hours to prevent any disruption. This combined with a proactive servicing program has virtually eliminated breakdowns from J K Ashbrook Ltd's excavator fleet.

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