Plant Hire and Groundworks Contractors

For those tasks where even a 16 tonne excavator is not enough, the largest of J K Ashbrook Ltd's excavators the 21T, 25T, 32T and 36T excavators can complete vast earthworks in a very short timescale. They are ideal where large scale excavations need to be done in a very short time

However these large excavators are highly versatile and can be put to many uses with a variety of attachments including breakers, compaction plates and pile drivers.

On J K Ashbrook Ltd sites you'll commonly see 21T and 25T excavators working on drainage as well as earthworks.

On the drainage operations these excavators provide extra reach for deep drainage and extra power for pulling drag boxes or lifting larger trench boxes.

The combined effect of having a CAT 320DL or a Kobelco E215 on a drainage gang increases production to such an extent that it far outweighs the cost of using these larger machines.

Due to the advances in technology, J K Ashbrook Ltd have been able to monitor their CAT 320DL fuel usage on a variety of projects and have been amazed by the power and productivity these excavators provide on such impressive fuel efficiency.

The benefit of the versatility and productivity of these machines is that they can be one of the first machines on site to commence earthworks, stay on site to install the drainage and be there at the end of the job digging roadbox from GPS models and laying sub-base.

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