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J K Ashbrook Ltd stock a wide range of mini excavators including micro, 1.5T, 2.5T and 3T machines all of which can come in zero tail swing or compact radius versions which are ideal where space is tight or where a precision excavation is needed, they are perfect for working in gardens or on driveways, for placing drains or foundations or for that extra bit of power on a tight site.

J K Ashbrook Ltd mainly stock Volvo and CAT mini excavators which find provide the best quality, reliability and versatility for use on site. J K Ashbrook Ltd don't believe in compromising quality on smaller machines and all our machine come with quick hitches, expanding tracks and hammer lines maximising your productivity.

We can also provide you with a wide range of buckets, breakers and augers to fit the mini excavators.

In addition to our mini excavator range we also have micro excavators which are extremely compact machines designed to fit through doorways and narrow alleys. Allowing them to assist where other excavators cannot reach but where an alternative to manual handling is needed.

A key selling point for these smaller excavators is the ease of transporting them, whether it be on a wagon or on a plant trailer behind a transit van, mini excavators can quickly and easily be delivered to site.

J K Ashbrook Ltd mini excavators are fitted with expanding tracks and blades for added stability and versatility.

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