Plant Hire and Groundworks Contractors

J K Ashbrook Ltd stock a wide range of rollers from 16T Self Propelled rollers to pedestrian walk behind rollers and compaction plates. While the most popular rollers are the 120 (1200mm) and 80 (800mm) ride on rollers seen on most construction sites. These highly versatile rollers can get handle a wide variety of compaction tasks but where they are not suitable J K Ashbrook Ltd's fleet of larger rollers or more specialised compaction equipment can take over.

CAT CS54 and CS56 rollers are commonly seen on larger projects such as road construction or windfarms.

Towed behind rollers are used in combination with bulldozers to save having a separate machine and driver on the same task so reducing costs.

We also stock compaction plates ranging from those mounted on 20T excavators to narrow trench compaction plates. One of the most popular is the large pedestrian forward and reverse compaction plate which puts down a large compaction force while still being able to work in narrow areas such as footpaths.

Plant for Hire: