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J K Ashbrook Ltd are committed to constant improvement and as part of this we are constantly exploring the abilities of new technology. In addition to the laser and GPS kits on our bulldozers we have recently trialled both 2D and 3D systems on our excavators. We've found that they offer improved flexibility able to reach places bulldozers can't e.g. for cutting ditches and short batters. When working in conjunction with a GPS bulldozer in a roadbox gang on one of our recent road building projects the team were producing remarkable production with very limited engineering involvement.


In addition we are currently trialling the EZiDIG cable detection system for on excavators that can be supplied either as a self contained system or integrated into the GPS system. This system based on a RX8000 generator and CAT scan system provides a warning to the machine operator when he enters the vicinity of cables.

In addition to these cutting edge technologies we can also provide more familiar systems such as height restrictor systems and dual grade laser control for the bulldozers. We aim to use technology to push productivity, reduce costs and increase safety and believe that the rewards far outweigh the costs of the systems. For example on the GPS systems you minimise the interface of groundworkers ‘boning in' and engineers setting out around the large plant thereby reducing the risk of an accident.

We also use remote monitoring equipment such as Volvo's Caretrack and CAT's Vision Link to monitor our plant anywhere in the world. This allows us to predict problems before they happen and resolve them with pre-emptive action at a convenient time to avoid down time on site. This combined with our policy of buying new high quality machines has given us an excellent reliability record and again means increase productivity and efficiency for your project.

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